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[30 April 2008]

Web site maintenance to begin

FYI. For anyone who cares. Don't be surprised to see some interesting "features" on the web site as I begin a maintenance project to upgrade the blogging software from MT3.33 to MT4.1 and mySQL4 to mySQL5. A template redesign and additional tabs will appear. But as this is only my night job, this may take some time. Thanks for your patience.

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[29 April 2008]

City of New Orleans

Check this video out. Willie and the Highwaymen at their best!

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[24 March 2008]

How to toss a club

A friend of mine sent me this video done by Charlie King found on providing a detailed explaination on the proper technique to utilize when you are finally DONE with one of your clubs. Another friend of mine noted that the wind plays a significant role when throwing a club. In particular, when throwing into a headwind (as Charlie was doing in the video), a lower trajectory should be employed. This will also reduce the "boomerang effect" and will therefore lower the risk of the club returning to the thrower.

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[27 February 2008]

Bonds as a Devil Ray?

Some think Barry Bonds could be in Tampa Bay this year. Might not be a bad thing for the francise. It would give people a reason to go see a Rays game this year.

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[25 February 2008]

Cheers for Obama

Check this video out. Kenyans are renaming their local brew.

Is this enough to sway your vote?

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