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City of New Orleans

Check this video out. Willie and the Highwaymen at their best!

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Slaves. We will all be slaves to the government. Is that what the Liberals want? Do they not understand they too will be enslaved with this ruling. Where is their thinking?

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Is the show continuing straight on from the finale or going ahead a few months? If it is does that mean we wont get to see how Haley coped with Quinn and Clay getting shot, i kinda want to see how she would cope with that so soon after overcoming depression.


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In the new CBA, isn't the salary cap something like 54% of revenues? If 54% is not a high enough number, what is?

I always get excited about the prospect of new leagues. I don't know why, because I already love the NFL. But something about a new league excites me. I thought the XFL was fun, and think it may have succeeded if Vince McMahon's name wasn't tainted from wrestling.

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It is possible that MM is very underrated and/or that FWP has taken too many hits. It does happen to RBs and happens quickly.

1981 Cowboys are way too low. They were one horse-collar tackle away from going to the Super Bowl and being favored. I'd have subbed this team over the '75 Cowboys instead of the '73 version. Just my opinion.


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Could get Freeman get it going with Stroughter??? Could he get it going with Stovall?? No.

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