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Padres v. Nationals

Tyler and I went to the Padres game today. Weather was terrible with a driving drizzle throughout the day. We left after 5 innings and went to Sweetwater Tavern dry off. By the way, the Nats lost 7-3. The only consolation was being able to see David Wells pitch. That was fun. He's a big boy!

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Saturday night it appeared the Saints fell even deeper into the slow-start doldrums that have beset them progressively after the first few games this season and the exception of the big win over the Pats. I think it is no coincidence that the Saints O started hot in all our early dominating wins (and the Pats game) and not so much against the Skins, Falcons, Dolphins and other nailbiters.There similarities in the defensive line play and players of the Dallas and Washington where the Saints had so much trouble rushing effectively. Saturday the Saints should have shifted them to the short and fast game after their first two dismal possessions. The Saints are lethally effective in their short to intermediate game. In fact I believe them to be unstoppable. Success there will eventually create so many other opportunities farther downfield.Injuries arent the only problem with the Saints D. Will Smith,Grant and the rest havent generated consistent heat on QBs thus far this season. These guys are all tremendous talents and, to a man, players that need to be showing up in the highlights every week. The D line and LBs need to make some serious noise as the competition only gets tougher from here on out.The secondary certainly has been limited due to injuries but Harper and Sharper arent making the plays they have earlier in the season. Its good to get Porter back and even if Greer makes it back soon it will take some time for the secondary to be back on top of their game.It appears to me that the usually solid play calling failed to adjust for the shorter time Brees would likely have to make his throws against Dallas. Adjusting the routes of a good crew of receivers and quickening the passing game tempo could have made for a better outcome. As other teams throughout the regular season and playoffs will try to copy the success Dallas achieved, the same strategy will likely be useful in the near future. Drew is very effective inside and out of the pocket. Move him out more often. Saturday night the Saints could have moved Brees out of the pocket more often and away from the top Cowboy pass rusher. The play action didnt do much to fool even the casual spectator much less the Dallas D after they had a two possession lead. I cant help but wonder how the pass protection for Brees would have fared had a back stayed deep in the backfield to protect Drews blind side as opposed to a faking a useless dive into a crowded middle. It might have set up an opportunity for that back to chip Ware and slide out for a screen that Ware would eventually have to respect.Inconsistent coverage by the special teams continues to show up at a time in the season where it should be and must be better. At least there were no returns for TDs. Coverage speed is good but too often return lanes open too wide because coverage players allow themselves to get tied up and cant get off a block.Perhaps the scariest of all is that the Saints are making too few solid smackdown tackles on first contact anywhere on the field. On many opportunities it seems that the defensive scheme is appropriate rarely the first defender (primary) fails to make a clean stop. The iffy games for the Saints have been those where the tackling is poor and tackles for loss or minimal gains didnt happen often enough. Too many potential tackles at or behind the line turned out to be significant positive gains for opponents. I dont think many (if any) NFL teams have much anxiety about getting hammered (legally) by a Saints defender like the hit laid on Kevin Faulk by Sharper in a game we won. It could be a case of too much emphasis on trying to tackle the ball in hopes of a fumble versus vicious tackles that cleanly stop the runner and sometimes liberate the ball in the process. Theres only one way to get that kind of respect.In the greater scheme of things this game may mean nothing more than a loss against a hungry, good team that needed the win more than the Saints did provided the Saints break some trends theyve fallen into. Early in the season the Saints were starting very fast and were relentless throughout. The D and O teams fed off of each other and the effects were delightful to the Saints faithful. As the season progressed stellar play by both the Saints D and O was too often offset by too many sub par performances by coaches and players that very nearly resulted in losses in several games prior to the Dallas loss.So where does that leave us? Is this a great team on a slide destined to end a season yet again in bitter disappointment? My bet is an emphatic no provided the Saints make the appropriate adjustments as they go forward. Play smart and tackle hard. Never become too predictable. Play so that your opponents fear you more than respect you. Coach smart and play smart. Be more physical than every opponent. Never give the opposing QB the time he needs to hurt your defense badly. Near perfection in pass coverage is not our strongest suit nor will it be for this remainder of this year. Do whatever it takes to put serious heat on opposing QBs to shorten the size of the field they have to defend. Players on the kick and punt return cover teams must find the discipline to get off of blocks from the opposing teams and maintain supreme command of their assigned zone of responsibility.I expect the Saints make a few adjustments and play like the champions they can be. I predict the Saints will finish this remarkable season with a tremendous finish.

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I hope they prove my doubts wrong and find a way to block DeMarcus Ware, cover kicks better, make key field goals, curb the penalties, throw the ball quicker or away, and beat the Cowgirls. Report this comment Reply LarryTex says: November 12, 2009 at 11:14 am Not sure, jfh, 8-8 is achieved with wins over SF, DET, CHI, SEA; a loss to any, I think MM is gone whether he wins against DAL, BAL, PIT, ARI, or not. Id bet if he wins out against the first four and any one of the last, TT gives him one more year. Less than 8-8 he is gone regardless. TT will not be fired, in any case, so put it down next to my initials. (Larry, Punk, or LarryTex, take your pick).As far as the draft is concerned, the best RB is Best (haha), but he might fall below 20th pick. (4) OTs projected in top 20 so we could go there, only Williams cant play LT. Campbell might slide to 13-20 but 2009 has been horrible to him re nagging injuries. You cant trade up for an OT next year; theres no Mandarich available.Who knows what OTs are available out there in FA over the winter, but Im not convinced thats our biggest need. I know it looks that way, especially when Grant and Green seem to be able to put a good one out there once in a while, but I think RB is a bigger need and my scouts would be concentrating there, from Iowa A&I Teachers College to USC. Remember, not knowing Raji would be available, I wanted Malcolm Jenkins last year. Whats he done he doesnt even start, (8) tackles and played in (6) games for NO, so dont ask me to run a team. Report this comment Reply Devil's Advocate... says: November 12, 2009 at 12:24 pm Id like to see someone from the offensive line garuntee a victory. Time to put the blahs behind, step up and show some personality. Give Dallas some bulletin board matertial, let them bring their A game. Its time for the Pack to stand toe to toe and slug it out!!!!! Lets just see what they really have might be good for them to know also Report this comment Reply Pack4life says: November 12, 2009 at 12:31 pm Now all of the Sudden TJ Lang can play RT and Brad Jones is good enough to start.TJ Lang after 10 weeks is better than Geno, Babre?? No he was better all along but MM nor Campen couldnt see it. Now Brad Jones has leaped Poppinga again very strange timing. I will give Capers that Brad Jones was hurt in training camp. The timing shows that MM feels the heat. Lose to the Bucs and presto new players and new positions. Either this will be a rousing success or colossal failure. My guess is the panic button has been pressed. Report this comment Reply Devil's Advocate... says: November 12, 2009 at 12:37 pm Its time for the players to put something on the line, besides their coaches jobs!!!! Tell the media that they are going to kick Dallas pussy ass!!!!! Tell the players across from them on game day that they are going to kick his pussy ass!!!!!! If they can win the game, theyll know how hard they will need to play every week to get where they wanna be. Theyll know how much heart and soul its going to take also, and I for one would like to see a little bit of that from them.. and them having fun playing the game would be nice to see also!!!!! Report this comment Reply LarryTex says: November 12, 2009 at 12:47 pm DA, forget the coaches jobs, I think that picture is a given. Now, if not for the coaches, the players better start playing for theyre own jobs. I suspect a big house cleaning this winter and we will not be a young team next year. Yeah, jfh, put my initials on that one too. Report this comment Reply Gary M says: November 12, 2009 at 1:09 pm From Jason Whitlock article on 11/13

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Bochy simply didn't use Lewis properly. He had the right idea at the start of the season, using him in the top three spots in the lineup, so that he could be on base for what power exists on the Giants. But Bochy overreacted to small-sample performances, moving Lewis to leadoff after two good weeks and then down to sixth after three bad ones. If he'd simply evaluated Lewis based on the body of work to that date—a .398 OBP on the season and a .359 career mark coming into 2009—he would have left the outfielder at or near the top of the lineup.

All of this punctuated by Sabeans All Star double play combination of Frauddie and the Rentawreck going under the knife after stinking up countless Giants starting lineups for months by being old, over-the-hill, and damaged goods.

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