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Growler Update: 2008-02-24

Sweetwater Tavern
The Rusty Road Runner Lager is the new addition this week at Sweetwater. It replaces the Barking Frog Ale. Here is what's on tap inside this week at Sweetwater Centreville:

NameOG/AWABVBorn on
Naked River Light9.0/0.84.4%9/20
Great American Pale Ale13.0/2.55.5%9/17
High Desert Imperial Stout25.0/7.59.2%2/4
Rusty Road Runner Lager12.9/2.45.5%2/22
Kokopelli IPA15.4/3.46.3%2/17

Got one Kokopelli IPA growler to take home. I love this stuff!

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