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The Joy of Drinking

I read about this book in the Washington Post last month, then again on the Beer Activist Blog.

Wonder if it's available as an audiobook?

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I wish I had kept the link, but there is a columnist in NYC who is trying to drum up investors for a gay night-club with an outreach and education center in an adjacent building to the mosque. In the spirit of tolerance and helping out his gay brothers (Im presuming the author is gay, but Im not 100% sure about that), he was proposing also having an alcohol free meeting lounge and discussion room to give support to gay muslim men. That would have been an interesting experiment in tolerance.

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If the shoe fits Glenn So how is your intention to deny people happiness working out for you?

God waited 20 yrs for Jacob to fully surrender to Him. After an all night wrestling match God changed Jacobs name to Israel-Gods Prince. The man who once cheated his brother, deceived his blind father, and outwitted an unscrupulous uncle would become the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. You know, after wrestling with God, Jacob walked with a limp the rest of his life. With each step Jacob took toward his future, he was reminded that he had seen God and and would never be the same. So, who is The God of Jacob? He is the God who is patient with us. (Tammys theology) The God of Jacob will always defend and take care of His people.

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Any opinions on that? Im not 100% certain of the details, but I know Ive heard something to that effect before, on a TV preachers show.

In a side note I like Jeff Green he needs a off-season and a training camp to get comfortable with this team. If you were a true Celtics fan you wouldnt be bashing him instead of looking at it from all angles instead. GO CS!!!!

re: new album.1. When is Chers new album due?No official news about the next album. Unless posted here on Cher.com or directly from WBR, or management; its not confirmed.

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However.take another child (Child B) and place him/her in the same environment, same situation, same positive/negative influences; this child matures in the same environment, and chooses not to use drugs or be sexually promiscuous, in spite of the environment. Complete paradox, apparently; the same exact conditions produce a completely different result.

Right now Football is the only constant in an otherwise chaotic time. It is currently the only thing that brings everyone together, regardless of race,creed,religion,sexual orientation or age. Remove that and remove the last thing in the country that unites us together. Incidentlly, you would also end up blocking our troops from seeing the games, shame on you.

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Real failure is investing your life savings in an idea that turns out to be not so good, forcing you to turn tail and get another crappy job and try again. Had you willfully quit your job, started your own business, and fell flat on your face, then I could relate, as this is what most entrepreneurs face. Your story is more of a fairy tale than one of pushing through failure.

Thanks for the review, Paul. I really enjoyed the movie the two times I watched it. One thing that kind of scared me was the fact that the White Witchs eyes were green!!! I know it was probably just to emphasize the green mist, but still, it is rather frightening if it were to be a foreshadowing. But I did hear what Douglas Gresham said in your interview, so my fingers are crossed, hoping that they cast a new actress for the Lady of the Green Kirtle.

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I keep saying that. Why are people not realizing that Jay-Z started this.

Yeah, Kudos Delan. I think we all have shit weeks like that.

Last night Joey Devine gets a hold and the loss?Can we please do away with that silly stat.

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I think the Orioles have a serious problem with Roberts, who cannot stay healthy. They don't have a viable backup to play 2B full time and no one on the team is reliable at getting on base - something that would kinda help for a leadoff hitter. They have some power guys who can provide the dynamite, but have trouble lighting the fuse.

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Stevens shows a deft touch in the large scenes involving crowds. The resurrection of Lazarus is down in a long shot, with the focus more on the faces of those who are witnessing the miracle rather than on the actual emergence from the tomb. To the finale of the Hallelujah Chorus a trio of the faithful ran across the plain to the gates of Jerusalem to spread the good news. There is also a wonderful scene of the confrontation between the Roman soldiers and the crowd that had come to the Temple to hear Jesus preach at night. The film also contains some nice small touches. When Pilate presents Jesus to the people, the figure of Satan strides through the crowd to utter the first demand for crucifixion. When Mary Magdalene remembers the promise of the resurrection and Thomas proclaims his disbelief, Peter looks up and sees the smiling face of Lazarus. The musical score by Alfred Newman, Hugo Friedhofer and Fred Steiner is wonderfully attuned to what is on the screen.

“My best friend got me a pretty cool Disney villains snow-globe like eight years ago,” Lopez said. “It’s all Disney villains. It’s pretty cool.”

Thanks a million Mr. Fisk for using your stature and authority to call out the steriod users for what they really are.FRAUDS! I implore you to gather all your HOF brothers and collectively condemn what these guys did to themselves and more importantly to the sanctity of this great game. Its nothing short of self indulgence and greed that made these guys do what they did and they should pay the price for cheating in order to achieve greatness. While the pain in your knees may be excruciating at times, let it serve as a reminder that the pain you feel is the price you paid honorably. Please know that there are many loyalists young and old who stand beside you yet do not have your stature or voice.

Its a hamster wheel alright. Its based on slaveryon the notion of working you to death.

I cant say I am surprise. This used to be my favorite soap. I would have been very sad in the past. Today I just understand why looking at the show and what it is today! That move to LA was not smart. The whole look of the show and the acting has decresed. Plus we lost alot of good people that wouldnt move with the show.Even before then AMC made terrible mistake when killing of beloved characters. Dixie, Stuart, Babe, and most importantly Zach Slater! Sorry AMC In addition Adam left and they turn the Character david in to someone that is constantly burned at the stake. But they let others get away with everything thats not a good look AMC.

Willie Reply:May 25th, 2011 at 3:56 am

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Hmm. Although you dont seem like youre sure about book 2, I liked your review. Gives me a good idea about whether Id like this one or not.

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I like it, but I have to say that I'd still like to see on the front page is the most recent year's standings. More often than not, I want to see how a certain team or player did last year and I have to drill down through Teams, the team's franchise page, then the 2007 version. Maybe I just got spoiled during the season at being able to access the most recent stats.

Fag Frank . Such intelligent discourse is refreshing in this day and age.

16 Teams by BCS (Which is how UGA gets in). Homefield to the highest seed so there's less whinning about travel and more money to higher seeds who get home games. 8 Bowl games = First Round so teams still get money from a bowl win (that leaves 26 of the "we can't forego tradition" bowls like the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsetta Bowl, or the Champs Sports Bowl, or the very traditional Gaylor Hotels Music City Bowl, etc. etc.) If they say they can't fit it into the season, get rid of the "pre-season" or just cut all but the first warm up game out. Sorry, no more padding with I-AA teams or the Pac-10. (Don't get rid of rivalry week though). Sure, there might be some repeat games (Texas v. OSU, Ala. v. UGA) but who wouldn't want to see them fight again? People who are scared, that's who. This way, there'd only be a few extra games, and the season would still end before the second semester starts (which is why the season is what it is, NCAA rules say only one season per semester, except the BCS Naty Champ which is much $$$ the real pusher in NCAA sports).

Worky,I met Supermac as well it was probably around the same time although i was 30. it was in a drinking establishment where some of the players went after training Jinkin Jim was there as well

LOL @ Jayne on the Mac and Cheese pizza!

Virginia, you have more rights today than you will if this new plan goes thru. Dont you see that all of your rights are slowly being taken away. Do you want to be a slave to your government when it comes to your doctor. They already have taken away more freedom that you want to admit. Nothing is FREE. NOTHING. You will pay one way or the other. And there are ways to get Healthcare today with or without insurance. Go to a doctor and PAY for your own visit. Its really easy. Pay for your own visit. If you cant, then go to the emergency room at a county hospital, they will not turn you down. See, how easy that it. Not thru the government.

Pretty good presentation in most respects, but Prof. Ferguson essentially ignores the role of the Community Reinvestment Act and glosses over political influence on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to steadily increase their purchases of sub-prime instruments with implicit government backing. As he often does, he goes too easy on government and too harshly on private sector activity.

This is a sad story folks!

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Where are the Satyrs and Fauns in these clips? URGH!

Also Bowburn, if you watched the game i take it youll have seen the slow mo reactions to messis third from the Valencia players?, priceless!. They all looked thoroughly frustrated, along with being completly dazed and confused as to how he does it. He is a magician.

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