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I read on the Post web site about Savor. Washington DC will be hosting a "craft beer experience" this May 16 & 17. I hope to attend a post a little about how it went.

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If Lake Gibson wins and Kathleen wins, the game will be @ Lake Gibson.

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PS- I hate to trot out Hitler, but its the clearest counterexample in modern history that I can think of.

A: Theres no such thing as a given in morality! Theres no beginning point that we take on faith; our values are objective!Q: Prove it.A: They just are, thats a given!

I agree that opinions clash. And when they do, we naturally adjudicate between worldviews to decide which is morally superior. But what does that mean, really, if no worldview is morally superior?

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I think we are all realizing what we are witnessing. Time will tell. If this artist doesnt have a career, I wont believe in Classical music anymore. What a genius performer. Bravo, Bozhanov. Thanks for filling our hearts with your artistry. I believe in music again, and now in life too (from a hospital bed)

Siber-H: If your mom has read that book 3 times it must be a good one. We will check for it at the library.

I struggle a lot with trying to fill my life with things that I mistakenly think can fill the hole when I feel far from God.

OBTW thats the first time I ever heard of a "hot" turkey club sandwich. Sounds good.

Jaytried it again and got the same..Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you've already said that!so is it there? Ill e-mail it now, too. Go Cs

My mother was Miss Rhode Island in 1927. I have the trophy displayed in my home.

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Have a look at this mug! Is that a Mormon face or what?

I also saw this in London with Joe, I cant say Im a massive Naria fan (sorry) but I loved this film, I originally only went to see it because of Joe signing the end song, but I enjoyed the film so much, I had to watch the other films.I wish more people could hear Joes lovely voice.

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If this is true it makes me sick. Dont we have enough talk shows??? And Judge shows???? If this soap is loosing rateings, why are they always getting nomonated for emeies? I have sent emsils to ABC.com to save the show. If all the true fans do so , maybe we will be abel to keep our beloved All MY Chiledren on the air. ABD PLEASE DONT CANCEL. LISTED TO THE PEOPLE WHO WATCH TV FOR A CHANGE!!!!

Done and dusted.. I cannot believe fug yourself is leading the way.. what the!

D3 schools do not offer money at all, so this is moot for them all around.

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YEah BEans go Gunitand be likeMOPspider locOLiviaand mobb deep

I dont see anything wrong with high fiving your teammates or giving a fist pump after a score. It would only be disrespectful if he used a theatrical production out of T.O.s or Ochocincos repertoire. Youre probably right that its a moot point since he scores about as often as a fat unemployed dude with bad acne.

Ive always put so much stock in endless thinking and outlining and character mapping, but Im finding its so true that only writing actually lets me discover who my characters really are and what theyre trying to say.

I just wanted to share that in 10 years of seeing theatre in Indianapolis, Octopus has been my favorite production Ive watched in the city.

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I myself had been looking forward to her looking into the weird mirror with the beard on it. and after seeing disneys pre-viz art of the magicians hallway, i was expecting to have a very suspenseful creeping up the hallway. Another lost opportunity to build tension totally blown by the director.what was he thinking? there was nothing of the sort if i remember correctly. Id rather have spent time on that than a whole scene with georgie telling skandar to help with the groceries if i was pressed for running time. I didnt think they needed to spend all that time establishing the setting like that, and the scene with the bike seemed redundant from the last film. IMHO

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I happened to stumble across this sight and I really want to wish you and your father good things. All I know of your father was that he was Just Plain Nasty on the field for my Steelers. I see a lot of him in you in the way youve played. I was not aware of this situation until seeing this websight, but I do wish yinz will one day reconnect. I have a son, and all I care about is wanting the best for him and for him to be a better man then I am. Only you know how you feel and how you should handle things with your father, and only you know when the time will be right to reach out. Let God be your guide. Sometimes we fathers dont always use good judgment with our kids even though the intentions are good. Our punishment is that the regret NEVER goes away and it forever grows with the passing of time.

Is the Dickeys barbecue still opening in March on Haines by jimmy Johns ? Anybody ?

I think some of the comments are a little too personal. Why on earth would somebody assume that the Money the first family is spending is from the government coffers. Wait a minute! Doesnt the president earn a salary and should he be lecturered on how to spend it. Now, about a baby, its Michelles life she has a reason to decide. Bravo the Obamas

Its easy to criticize the people who fight and march for our rights. If it wasnt for these people we wouldnt have a lot of the things we enjoy and take for granted today.

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Teachers tenures have to go. Curriculums for students are being manipulated in a dumbing down direction. God is being removed from the public. Term limits have been defeated by the ones effected.

Were only following orders, just what the NAZIs said.

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no to any more welfare for states such as california. the teachers and other civil workers, their unions never stop demanding more. the welfare state of calif. is an open pit and the more bailouts we receive the more the unions ask for. the politicians in this state live off the minority vote and a lot of our legislatures are minorities. they refuse to enforce the emigration law and they shelter the illegal population. this being one of the major problems calif. is broke,

I think Mia, since I guess she is running Red Bedroom Records now, needs to take Alex on as a padawon and teach her music. That way Alex (Jana) can showcase her musical talent and it will give Alex another arc for her story line.

I am thinking about my country. I put my country ahead of insurance companies.

I dont get why Megan got dropped for Transformers 3! She was so awesome before.

Beberoni, All President are Figure Heads

Wenger can forget about Frimpong playing for England..he is already committed to Ghana!!!! Should be stepping in as Essien and Co fade out of the game.

Which was sort of inspiring! Completely sudden. Now I understand what I'm going to complete tomorrow :)

Irish.. when i was planning the reunion, from what I gathered this is still eppy 22, unless dates have changed or maybe the reception is a 2 eppy thing!!!


Any structure remotly based on probability will surely fall due to human greed. People who fail to read history are bound to repeat it.

Time for productive work; build green infrastructure that reaches every child, no matter where they happen to be born. Protect, Educate and Heal them. Prevent better than heal. What do you think?

Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth. ~Jean-Paul Sartre

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They who disbelieve in virtue because man has never been found perfect, might as reasonably deny a sun because it is not always day. ~Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare, Guesses at Truth, by Two Brothers, 1827

fed and nadal is getting old.cant top the wimby match last year ever. come onverdasco was nice to watch, he should have taken down nadal and choked. roddick is still tough not to root for, hope he is not a one slam wonder like m.cheng was. i thought arods weight loss was going to pull him through mentally against fed. fed just destroys him everytime. should have known the way fed clobbered del potro was so wicked and even surprised me. murray got unlucky and lost to verdasco in the 4th, not too bad and was tough to beat. djoko did choke at wimby which was sad but he will pull through eventually.

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Sir you are off to a good start, but you need to go back and do alot more research, and you will find it started back in the 30s. You really need to educate yourself with the CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES, and then you will find that alot has led up to where we are, and you will also find that The Presidents do not have as much power as you would like to give them which brings me to the next point of the bandwagon against Busch that you are on. Congress RUNS this country. Here is a start for you, GOOGLE 545 VERSUS THREE MIILION and read that, it will help you better understand how things work

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In any case, young lady, Im so glad youre okay. I learned a lot from your race report. Anything can and will happen on race day! I wish I was there with you, but it sounds like you had angels at every turn (especially after you got sick).

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Holy crap Flo! So sorry to hear about your day, that sucks (I was also thinking about half way through the PDR that I wished I brought my handheld, I think I am also going to take it for my full). That is one hell of a race report though. I laughed and cried. Youve got a lot of grit to write something like this up after the day you had. Youve got a great attitude, you are going to rock Steamtown

Session 9 and A Tale of Two Sisters are both extremely creepy.

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Furthermore, i believe that mesothelioma is a unusual form of cancers that is generally found in all those previously familiar with asbestos. Cancerous tissue form inside the mesothelium, which is a protecting lining that covers almost all of the bodys organs. These cells ordinarily form in the lining of the lungs, abdominal area, or the sac which encircles ones heart. Thanks for discussing your ideas.

I was just chatting with my friend about this the other day at the resturant. Dont remember how in the world we landed on the subject actually , they brought it up. I do recall eating a excellent chicken salad with cranberries on it. I digress

Loved that it was front page news worthy on ESPNi guess the fame is a double-edged sword. sigh

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I have been unable to see the whole picture of what is going on. I can now sleep better to night no longer trying to figure what the heck happen. We sure are traveling into uncharted future, yet if we can talk a look at our past Im confident that we will not repeat our past.

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Principles before emotions. Oh, if we but had a few Davy Crocketts in Congress, we probably wouldnt be in such a perilous position.

Funny thing about McCracken, its in the middle of everything, but you never see people go in or out, and yet its always making noises, like theyre making stuff in there. Trucks drive up, disengorge their contents, and leave, but nothing ever comes out of McCracken. It should be filled up by now. You ever notice that the windows are all high up, and textured too, so that nobody can see whats in there? Where does all the stuff go? Something evil is afoot!

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Actually, Im far more confounded that anyone with a straight face could equate the taking of money with the taking of life or liberty. Im far more comfortable with the government taking my money than with the government taking anyones life or liberty and I have far less difficulty reconciling that position than I would ever have reconciling the notion that the government should take your life or liberty, but keep its filthy, corrupt hands out of my wallet.

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If we draw the linebackers in on short passes, we open up the middle of the field for short routes to Hines and Heath.

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Supporters of gay adoptions dispute these correlations. But to repeal bans on gay adoptions, they dont have to prove that gay couples, on average, are as parentally fit as straight couples. They just have to change the question to whether all straight couples are more parentally fit than all gay couples. Suppose, for example, theres more suicide, depression, promiscuity, and domestic violence among blacks than among whites. Would such findings justify a ban on adoptions by blacks? If not, why would they justify a ban on adoptions by gays?

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That is alot of mileage for a "work trip"-fantastic job!! Im glad you had such a great time and are looking forward to the marathon!!!

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The 37-year-olds only race since then was a 10km race in Angola on December 31, which he won comfortably in 28:05. But Gebrselassie who holds the marathon world record at 2:03:59 has lost the race against time to be fit for this weekends 26.2-miler and cited bruising to both knees for his reason for withdrawing.

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