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Nats win their first game at Nationals Park!


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Woah. I just looked at this. Thats really embarrassing. And its really sad that anyone sees her as an authority or credible voice.

I agree Falkin. Ive just recently been exposed to Pioneer League Football (non-scholarship D1) which is kind of an odd bird to me. But I think PFL is wanting to be more credible and participation in FCS playoffs is one sure fire way to do it and I say go for it.

Ill grant you that I only judge by the standards of the original Kenner linesthe JP3 stuff was, not to put too fine a point on it, dump. However, put this next to the original Triceratops and youll see that the Trike is in a different league entirely.

Leave it to a bunch of celtic fans to laugh over a successful signing by the lakers. Of course the pissy celtics fans dont want to admit it was a good sign and that the lakers will be good again. it was a great fit for LA so watch out celtics. when lebron comes to LA along with wade or bosh possibly cuz they no mike brown then watchout punks.

This is voice-overed a close-up of a balding, unshaven, Montreal senior citizen. There is some drug-related orange marks around his mouth. The man then goes on to talk about James Agee and Manny Farber. I am going to quote what he says as I think it might interest others: “Agee was an alcoholic, and towards the end of his life he got so drunk that he would go to a movie that he was supposed to review for Time magazine, because he was working for Time then as well as The New Republic, and he would fall asleep in the movie shortly after many drinks. And he would go with Manny Farber and Manny Farber would tell him what the movie was about. And then Agee would go home and write a review for Time magazine, a brilliant review for a film he hadn't seen.”

How do feelings or fears evolve?

Melanie: Youre making me laugh.

Cant go wrong with your early 80s picks, either, but those were before my time and I cant cheat on that one. I think almost inevitably, everyone thought of putting at least one of the LotR movies on there but Im surprised at the variety. For me, theres no question that Fellowship is the best of the three, but you really cant go wrong with any of em.

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When problems come, its difficult for them, or for anyone, to continue good deeds. They will have to stop and try to resolve them.

Just noticed something very unusual about Hernandez--his career record currently stands at an even 169-169. His records for the three teams for which he pitched the most: 65-65 (WSN), 45-45 (SFG), 24-24 (FLA). Weird.

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Later, and probably my all time favourite, would be George Eastham. He was silky smooth and go go through a defence without being touched. He stroked the ball with finess that is a rare gift and could split defences at will.

If it wasnt so scary it would be amusing how the Obama administration  continues to distract and fool the American people with political  rhetoric, half truths and just plain lies while at the same time  unaware to the public enforcing his radical leftists policies via the  never-ending bailouts, stimulus package pork, economic budget-less  plans and executive orders.  Whatever happened to the promises of most  ethical congress, transparent administration and change we can believe  in?  When all we see is the same old political schemes of yesteryear  and worst.  We have a president who like president Bill Clinton is  very charismatic, arrogant and a master of deceit and will stop at  nothing to reform, restructure, reconstruct, re-invent, re-invest, re-build and just plain destroy our government and our way of life.  Mr.  Obama will say whatever our itchy ears want to hear in order to bring  back that bridge to the future Bill and Hillary Clinton promised in  the 90s that bridge to nowhere call Socialism.  So while we get  sidetracked by president Obama and his willing accomplices in congress  and the media with such matters as the economic crisis, Rush Limbaugh  or contract retention bonuses at AIG, (that this administration knew  about way back then), We the people will continue to be had.

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From Thomas Jefferson I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

No Regrets Brian? No REGRETS! Well there are tools and there are fools and then there are fools with tools and tools for fools, but besides us having a failure to communicate there are the foolish tools who push the foolish boundries of toolishness.

If it wasnt so scary it would be amusing how the Obama administration  continues to distract and fool the American people with political  rhetoric, half truths and just plain lies while at the same time  unaware to the public enforcing his radical leftists policies via the  never-ending bailouts, stimulus package pork, economic budget-less  plans and executive orders.  Whatever happened to the promises of most  ethical congress, transparent administration and change we can believe  in?  When all we see is the same old political schemes of yesteryear  and worst.  We have a president who like president Bill Clinton is  very charismatic, arrogant and a master of deceit and will stop at  nothing to reform, restructure, reconstruct, re-invent, re-invest, re-build and just plain destroy our government and our way of life.  Mr.  Obama will say whatever our itchy ears want to hear in order to bring  back that bridge to the future Bill and Hillary Clinton promised in  the 90s that bridge to nowhere call Socialism.  So while we get  sidetracked by president Obama and his willing accomplices in congress  and the media with such matters as the economic crisis, Rush Limbaugh  or contract retention bonuses at AIG, (that this administration knew  about way back then), We the people will continue to be had.

btw, either timmy still hasnt spoken to his pops, or there really is something seriously wrong with him

Finally, dont lose sight of the FACT that the more the rich pay, the more they write the laws.

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but the sixers dont need him. the knicks are interested. but i would love to see him in a bobcats uniform. astig yun. putang ina. musta mga PINOY diyan?

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yeah Valorie..isn`t it very odd that his grandmother died the day before the election. No one left to say where he was really born. How the gov. can say my 83 yr old mother is less valueable than some drugged out gang banger who has no purpose on this earth..I will take her to another country before I allow that. And yes I have read the bill.

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I told them about the importance of “binding men down with the chains of a Constitution.” That this was the only sure way to protect their freedom. And that anyone who wanted to change this republic into a democracy was an enemy of liberty.

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Double world youth and world junior 100m champion Jodie Williams got her 2011 season off to a flying start when she set two PBs over 60m at the London Games in Lee Valley last weekend.

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Of course you know much more than everyone else. We should have waited for your permission to have this piece written. Parents didnt hug you enough

Agreed. Wine is not precise. Most readers of wine media (the ones who actually read the words) understand that fact and understand that the number is as subjective as the judgment.

What a great way to explore Boston I love your pictures!

Do these kinds of things pop up on the web all the time? You bet. And its at least something to tide people over on a slow news day/week. But are we really getting anything out of it? I dont see any value. All it ends up bringing about is the usual comment about how much somebody wants the new game, how much somebody hates that Series B gets a new game over Series A, how much somebody wants a series that wasnt even mentioned in the first place, and of course those lovely, lovely, immature people who say I know what Rockman fans want and its not this or that; and this series isnt Mega Man because what I say is the Gospel (pun intended) truth. And I seriously enjoy how none of these people ever bring up anything powerful enough to back up their points or anything.

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For me, there are a few real stand out names. I loved Shearer for his devotion and his goalscoring abilities. I loved Gary Speed for his nitty gritty work and for being a model professional to those around him. But my absolute favourite has to be Philippe Albert. He was such an amazing player. Although he was occasionally caught out in defence, his ability to pick out a pass and to bring the ball out of defence was great during the 90s near-glory days. And being that I was a youngster at the time, playing in defence for my schools team, Albert was a player I used as inspiration.

Her face looks like Adriana Lima in some of these pictures.

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Charlie, You are right on .. Obama is finally revealing his true colors and America is watching He is a racist, as evidenced by his stupidly comment against the Police Dept He said he didnt know any of the facts, but commented anyway .. No wonder his polls are going down!! Obama is still the Organizer-in-Chief and somehow seems to think that his words will convince Americans that he knows whats best for America .. Lets see, he goes to foreign countries and Appoligizes for us, wants single-payer health care, wants to close Gitmo without any plan, opposes amnesty so Americans can pay for the 12-20 million illegals healthcare, and giving War Criminals their Miranda Rights (theyre not even American Citizens) Gee, hes thinking like a Lawyer now Hes nieve and unqualified as POTUS Well, theres not enough room to go on, but you get the picture .. Americans need to make our voices heard at the polls in 2010 & 2012 I encourage all voters to get educated & informed, unlike our friend here, Virginia . Its pretty pathetic that people on park benches were some that gave the election to Obama Good Old Chicago Politics at work, along with ACORN!!! I wonder where all that campaign money came from too!

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